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  1. What are your values in life? What are your morals?
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This game I truly love, fooseball, introduced me to some of the most amazing people in the world! I literally mean the world. But one in particular -Joey Smith - was the best of them all! One of the most outgoing guys I’ve ever met with the craziest personality. He’s impacted my way of playing the game and brings positivity my way when I’m around him or just think of him. He was only 34yrs old, OD’d on some pills Friday the 13th at 2am. I miss this guy even I didn’t see him often. Memories of him will never fade, and I’m sure he wants everyone to have a positive outlook during this time. I only wish he could hear me again when I say, “You’re the best Joey, I love you dude!”

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"Take care of your body, or it just may not take care of you"

Self help books are not just for people with problems, theyre for people who want to better themselves as well!